Welcome to Quilted Family Trees: A place where families are stitched together.

This web site is dedicated to remembering and honoring our heritage. It hosts my Jackson and Gross family lines. My earliest known Jackson ancestor is Robert Jackson and my earliest known Gross ancestor is Calvin J. Gross.

Fellow Jackson descendants should note that this website is currently a companion site to Janie Jackson Kimble's website "Descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island, New York" and will eventually serve as its replacement. Janie and I have worked together for many years as co-collaborators and will continue to do so on this site.

Why the name Quilted Family Trees?

Throughout history, quilts have been enjoyed by people for many different reasons. Quilts provide warmth, beauty and signs of our heritage. Just as quilts provide clues to our history, this site allows researchers to come together and share their family's quilt square. Through bloodlines, marriage and even adoption, we are stitched together just like a quilt. We all have a story to remember and stories to tell. It's our hope that you'll sit down and tell those stories with all of us so they'll be preserved for future generations.

This web site is an effort to enable distant cousins to have a place to gather together to look for their connections and add to their family tree. Along with my own research, I have benefited from information that was generously submitted by these cousins and fellow researchers. So Welcome! Come sit on the quilt under the family tree and reminisce. We'd love to get better acquainted and hear about your side of the family. Explore our site, then drop me an email to tell me where you fit in. And perhaps you can fill in a lot of holes for all of us too! I hope you will find a connection here and contact me so your family can be added or updated in our family database. The more we share, the more we know!!

Come back often to see what's new and bring the rest of your family too!

*******************************************LATEST NEWS*******************************************

14 Feb 2018 - Jackson family file updated. CHECK OUT WHAT'S NEW located on the top left of the page.

1 Aug 2017 - Gross family file updated. CHECK OUT WHAT'S NEW located on the top left of the page.

ATTENTION: - If you have photos to share, please send them to me at email: jerald.gross@gmail.com

ATTENTION: - The Roll of Honor is 'temporarily' non-operational! If you have a military family member, please send me their information so that I may include it in the Rolls. ***IT WILL RETURN IN THE MEDIA DROP DOWN WINDOW***

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