Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Fred H.  26 Jul 1890Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I21761
2 Butler, Volena  12 Nov 1919Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12879
3 Campbell, Armilda  19 Jan 1918Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11865
4 Christmas, Ethel Mae  14 Nov 1898Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12325
5 Cooper, Armilda Sue  12 Dec 1931Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27034
6 Davis, Alva Lay  25 Feb 1904Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12522
7 Davis, Mary M.  4 Dec 1843Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10146
8 Davis, Tommy Health  7 DecCoalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I13038
9 Gouge, Grace T.  26 Jan 1900Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12423
10 Jackson, Abraham Lincoln 'Link'  1 Dec 1901Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10207
11 Jackson, Ada 'Addie'  12 Dec 1884Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10184
12 Jackson, Alma Juanita  12 Feb 1918Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10200
13 Jackson, Benjamin Harrison  14 Nov 1890Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10187
14 Jackson, Bertie Alma 'Jane'  27 Jun 1936Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12572
15 Jackson, Betty Lou  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12693
16 Jackson, Bobbie Joe  22 May 1929Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11622
17 Jackson, California  1 Jun 1882Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10182
18 Jackson, Carl 'Stonewall'  21 Aug 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11875
19 Jackson, Cecil Elbert  25 Jun 1926Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12563
20 Jackson, Charles C.  3 Feb 1874Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10155
21 Jackson, Clay W.  15 Oct 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11864
22 Jackson, Clifford  5 Jun 1912Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I17344
23 Jackson, Darrell Herman 'Jack'  21 Jun 1940Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12665
24 Jackson, Rev. Dewey Reese  17 May 1901Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10355
25 Jackson, Edith Jewell  5 Jul 1903Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11548
26 Jackson, Elberta  12 Aug 1907Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29345
27 Jackson, Ellen  31 Mar 1867Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10151
28 Jackson, Emily Lou 'Emma'  4 Sep 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10252
29 Jackson, Ezra W.  26 Jan 1881Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10349
30 Jackson, Farrell Creed  18 Jan 1934Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12330
31 Jackson, George (twin)  10 Nov 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11829
32 Jackson, Georgia Lee  7 Jun 1923Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12093
33 Jackson, Glen Ervin  8 Dec 1925Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10244
34 Jackson, Harlan  10 Aug 1918Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11977
35 Jackson, Harrison Benjamin  1 Jan 1888Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11486
36 Jackson, Harry D.  7 May 1881Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10159
37 Jackson, Harvey Edward  28 Oct 1903Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10195
38 Jackson, Helen Cleo  11 Feb 1920Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10239
39 Jackson, Howard Lonny  13 Aug 1905Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10196
40 Jackson, Ida J.  25 Aug 1888Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10213
41 Jackson, Irene J.  3 Feb 1914Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12085
42 Jackson, Isaac Herman  5 Aug 1886Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10352
43 Jackson, James S.  Jan 1885Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10212
44 Jackson, Jennie (Gennie) (twin)  10 Nov 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11830
45 Jackson, John Alfred  22 Oct 1946Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12578
46 Jackson, John Columbus Jr.  2 May 1872Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10154
47 Jackson, Joseph Cooper  9 May 1870Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10168
48 Jackson, Julia  12 Nov 1875Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10156
49 Jackson, Kenneth Richard  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12690
50 Jackson, Lee H.  13 Nov 1885Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I21755
51 Jackson, Lemmie Lee  25 Oct 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10242
52 Jackson, Leona  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12695
53 Jackson, Leonidas Houck 'Lee'  4 Mar 1887Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10351
54 Jackson, Leroy J.  11 Apr 1876Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10223
55 Jackson, Letha 'Sue'  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12689
56 Jackson, Lewis  23 Aug 1898Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11544
57 Jackson, Lindsay Jr.  Jul 1864Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11451
58 Jackson, Lindsay M.  4 Jun 1864Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10138
59 Jackson, Louise Wilkins  4 Dec 1928Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11539
60 Jackson, Lucille  6 May 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29346
61 Jackson, Lydia  17 Jan 1903Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11595
62 Jackson, Mahala A.  17 Jan 1869Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10152
63 Jackson, Margaret Elizabeth  4 Dec 1944Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12577
64 Jackson, Marjorie 'Margie'  13 Aug 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11503
65 Jackson, Martha Jane  3 Apr 1879Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10158
66 Jackson, Marvin 'Gravy'  28 Mar 1927Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11890
67 Jackson, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1865Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10150
68 Jackson, Mary J.  10 May 1888Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10186
69 Jackson, Mary Lou  21 Jul 1901Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29344
70 Jackson, Mary Margaret  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12694
71 Jackson, Mary Matilda  23 Apr 1873Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10169
72 Jackson, Mattie Ann  26 Mar 1896Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10247
73 Jackson, Minnie C.  23 Feb 1900Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11497
74 Jackson, Mollie Etta  2 Aug 1901Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10254
75 Jackson, Nancy Ann 'Nan'  21 May 1878Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10210
76 Jackson, Noah David  30 Jan 1864Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10149
77 Jackson, Oma 'Onia'  3 Jun 1893Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10215
78 Jackson, Patsy Ruth  5 Oct 1930Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11621
79 Jackson, Paul David  Abt 1956Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12696
80 Jackson, Pauline C. 'Lena'  9 Jul 1885Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10160
81 Jackson, Raymond T.  31 Aug 1932Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11795
82 Jackson, Rex H. Sr.  4 Dec 1919Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11839
83 Jackson, Richard Arvin 'Darb'  19 Mar 1922Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11979
84 Jackson, Richard Henry  9 Jan 1879Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10170
85 Jackson, Robert Earl  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12697
86 Jackson, Ruth  3 Jan 1916Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12087
87 Jackson, Sadie  20 Nov 1891Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10214
88 Jackson, Samuel Chris  13 Mar 1934Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10245
89 Jackson, Samuel Henry  19 Apr 1877Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10157
90 Jackson, Sarah Ellen  13 May 1868Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10167
91 Jackson, Shirley Faye  6 Jun 1932Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11533
92 Jackson, Son (1) (twin)  15 Jul 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11545
93 Jackson, Son (2) (twin)  15 Jul 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11546
94 Jackson, Stanley Gratz 'Stonewall'  25 Mar 1922Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10240
95 Jackson, Stanley Staples  3 Feb 1924Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12480
96 Jackson, Susan E.  28 Oct 1862Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10148
97 Jackson, Susannah L.  27 Mar 1856Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10134
98 Jackson, Thomas Joseph 'Tommy'  18 Dec 1905Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10260
99 Jackson, Troy Lee  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12692
100 Jackson, Turner Malcolm  13 Jun 1910Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10299
101 Jackson, Wade Keebler  15 Jan 1911Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10360
102 Jackson, Walter 'Bert'  Mar 1895Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10216
103 Jackson, Welch  25 May 1908Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10359
104 Jackson, William 'Staples'  18 Jun 1860Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10136
105 Jackson, William Ezra 'Buck'  5 Feb 1906Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11500
106 Jackson, William H. 'Bill'  17 Sep 1870Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10153
107 Jackson, William Harvey  21 Jun 1878Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10347
108 Jackson, William Lindsey 'Bill'  Abt Feb 1897Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11489
109 Jackson, William Lindsey 'Junior' Jr.  10 Jan 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12327
110 Jackson, William Oliver 'Pete'  15 Sep 1904Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29342
111 Jackson, William Rex  27 Nov 1914Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10199
112 Jackson, Wyley Richard  15 Feb 1876Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10209
113 Jackson, Zella  23 Jan 1891Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11491
114 Justice, Charles Richard  12 Feb 1884Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11481
115 Justice, Russell Maurice  13 Mar 1935Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29058
116 Kelly, Geneva Ann  5 Aug 1931Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11965
117 Kelly, Morris 'Alton'  15 May 1938Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11968
118 Kelly, Vann Allen  27 Mar 1933Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11966
119 Melhorn, Charles  21 Sep 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12094
120 Morrison, Sadie  Abt 1908Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12953
121 Ritter, Manus Reuben  16 Feb 1888Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27124
122 Rogers, George William  9 May 1929Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I18610
123 Rogers, John David William 'Johnny'  15 Mar 1920Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12515
124 Ruffner, James Doyle  20 Oct 1912Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29347
125 Ruffner, Weldie Ernest  5 Mar 1893Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10251
126 Sampsell, Charles Arthur  10 Mar 1897Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29343
127 Sampsell, William Elijah 'Lige'  24 Mar 1898Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12750
128 Solomon, Audrey Jean  8 Aug 1923Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29348
129 Walls, Barbara J.  3 Jan 1934Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29039
130 Webster, Annah Melcenia 'Mellie'  25 Jan 1877Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11542
131 Wilson, Isaac 'Roe'  11 Apr 1903Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12469
132 Wilson, Ivan Kenneth  28 Sep 1919Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12478
133 Wilson, Naomi Katheryn  6 Feb 1925Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12479
134 Wilson, Reese Lewis  13 Dec 1906Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12471
135 Wilson, Dr. Ross Harlan  15 Aug 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12476
136 Wilson, William 'Harry'  13 Aug 1917Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12477
137 Wormsley, Irene  23 Apr 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11611


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Corp. Archibald  4 Aug 1898Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10172
2 Adcock, James F.  23 Jul 1941Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I13053
3 Adcock, Pleasant H. 'Pes'  15 Oct 1938Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I13051
4 Adkins, Georgia Lorene  1 Nov 1996Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12534
5 Baldwin, Violet  31 Jan 2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29057
6 Brown, Ora Lee  18 Dec 1998Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11620
7 Brummitt, Telitha Caroline  3 Dec 1928Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12371
8 Bunch, Florence  17 Nov 2012Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10161
9 Bunch, James Evans  25 Jun 2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I21759
10 Chapman, Mary Louise  27 Sep 2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12589
11 Cole, Cornetta  6 May 1990Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10257
12 Cooper, Mahala  17 Feb 1891Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10086
13 Craig, Abbie  10 Sep 1934Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I17342
14 Daugherty, Steven Watson  29 Aug 2012Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27029
15 Davis, Mary M.  23 Jul 1893Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10146
16 Davis, Thomas Ellis  18 Jun 1979Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12086
17 Duncan, Abigail 'Abba'  16 Jul 1926Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10147
18 Estes, Elizabeth Margaret  26 Dec 1922Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10174
19 Fairchild, Jessie Elizabeth  2 Jun 2017Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11982
20 Fritts, Rev. James Albert  22 Feb 1998Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12569
21 Futrell, Conrad  Bef Oct 2001Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12956
22 Hatfield, Edith Arlena  8 Nov 2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12688
23 Hudson, Elizabeth Jane  29 Jun 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10166
24 Hudson, Susan F.  22 Aug 1910Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10208
25 Jackson, Blakley  23 Aug 1992Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12559
26 Jackson, Cecil Elbert  20 May 2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12563
27 Jackson, Chesley Boatright  28 May 1915Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10130
28 Jackson, Clay G.  19 Oct 1918Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11582
29 Jackson, Clifford  20 Dec 1914Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I17344
30 Jackson, Cora 'Coriey'  16 Dec 1941Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10178
31 Jackson, Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  17 Mar 1928Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11498
32 Jackson, Ezra W.  1 Jun 1901Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10349
33 Jackson, Cpl. Frank  21 Sep 1994Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10282
34 Jackson, George W.  16 Jan 1921Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10131
35 Jackson, Glen Ervin  13 Feb 1989Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10244
36 Jackson, Helen Cleo  19 Feb 2000Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10239
37 Jackson, Herman Evertt  5 Mar 1929Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11531
38 Jackson, Ida J.  1 Dec 1911Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10213
39 Jackson, Jerry Lynn  10 Nov 2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11615
40 Jackson, John  1 Jul 1942Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11827
41 Jackson, John Alfred  11 Jul 1998Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12578
42 Jackson, John Charles  8 Nov 2002Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12691
43 Jackson, Rev. John Columbus Sr.  17 Oct 1910Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10126
44 Jackson, Joseph Cooper  5 Feb 1938Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10168
45 Jackson, Katharine  10 May 1928Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I3688
46 Jackson, Lee H.  11 Feb 1886Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I21755
47 Jackson, Lemmie Lee  20 Jan 1985Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10242
48 Jackson, Leroy Groty 'Louie Gratz'  16 Jun 1940Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10180
49 Jackson, Lewis  17 Oct 1898Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11544
50 Jackson, Lola Clay  28 May 1964Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11551
51 Jackson, Lucille  23 Sep 2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29346
52 Jackson, Lydia  6 Dec 1928Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11595
53 Jackson, Martha  2 Aug 1883Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10129
54 Jackson, Mary J.  12 Oct 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10186
55 Jackson, Mary Matilda  18 Oct 1943Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10169
56 Jackson, Mattie Ann  5 Mar 1991Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10247
57 Jackson, Minnie C.  30 Dec 1900Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11497
58 Jackson, Noah Guy  11 Dec 1917Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10356
59 Jackson, Oma 'Onia'  5 Aug 1983Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10215
60 Jackson, Paul Heacker  11 Jul 2016Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12570
61 Jackson, Richard H.  31 Aug 1935Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10137
62 Jackson, Sadie  8 Jul 1973Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10214
63 Jackson, Samuel Chris  5 Jan 1964Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10245
64 Jackson, Samuel Henry  19 Nov 1943Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10157
65 Jackson, Samuel Long  20 Jan 1930Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10135
66 Jackson, Sarah Ellen  25 Jan 1938Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10167
67 Jackson, Son (1) (twin)  15 Jul 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11545
68 Jackson, Son (2) (twin)  15 Jul 1899Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11546
69 Jackson, Stanley Gratz 'Stonewall'  23 May 2005Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10240
70 Jackson, Susannah L.  15 Oct 1858Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10134
71 Jackson, Walter 'Bert'  30 Oct 1986Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10216
72 Jackson, William 'Staples'  17 Oct 1930Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10136
73 Jackson, William Harvey  17 Apr 1897Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10347
74 Jackson, William Henderson  21 Apr 1938Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10179
75 Jackson, Rev. William R.  31 Mar 1886Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10085
76 Jackson, Zella  24 Nov 1991Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11491
77 Justice, Arpie Anna  26 Nov 1959Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11550
78 Lawson, Purlina 'Lina'  11 Dec 1929Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10361
79 Ledford, Johnson D.  4 Feb 1940Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11608
80 Liles, Sarah Jane  31 Oct 1932Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11482
81 Morrison, Sadie  15 Oct 2001Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12953
82 Riggs, Ada  31 Jan 1993Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10261
83 Rivers, Shelby Jean  21 Oct 2009Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10267
84 Ruffner, Frances October  8 Mar 2001Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12530
85 Ruffner, Fred  29 Nov 1946Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12780
86 Ruffner, James Doyle  31 Dec 1993Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29347
87 Ruffner, Leonard Burse  29 Nov 1946Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10249
88 Sampsell, Charles Arthur  17 Aug 1971Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29343
89 Sampsell, Samuel Wright  14 Sep 1903Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11558
90 Solomon, Audrey Jean  16 Apr 1993Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I29348
91 Walls, Martha Jane  21 Jul 1935Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12740
92 Wilson, Granville Edison  9 Feb 1941Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12472
93 Wilson, Ivan Kenneth  14 Jan 1923Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12478
94 Wilson, James Robert  19 Sep 1943Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10183
95 Wilson, Reese Lewis  27 Sep 1987Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12471
96 Wilson, Dr. Ross Harlan  27 Nov 1981Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12476
97 Wilson, William 'Harry'  7 Mar 1933Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12477


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carson, Lewis  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27043
2 Daugherty, Sandra  2012Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27032
3 Hatfield, Edith Arlena  since 1944Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12688
4 Jackson, Benjamin Welch  2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11801
5 Jackson, Burnace Lee  Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10262
6 Jackson, California  1946Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10182
7 Jackson, Charles 'Bit'  2006Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10265
8 Jackson, Charles 'Bit'  2009Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10265
9 Jackson, Connie  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11786
10 Jackson, Dale  2009Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12463
11 Jackson, David 'Elbert'  1984Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11547
12 Jackson, Farrell Creed  2003Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12330
13 Jackson, Farrell Creed  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12330
14 Jackson, Glenden Davis  2003Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12329
15 Jackson, Glenden Davis  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12329
16 Jackson, Irene J.  1995Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12085
17 Jackson, Jackie Allen  1984Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11614
18 Jackson, Jackie Allen  2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11614
19 Jackson, Jake  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27040
20 Jackson, Jean  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27042
21 Jackson, Jerry Lynn  1984Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11615
22 Jackson, Jerry Lynn  Mar 2001Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12531
23 Jackson, Joe Thomas  2006Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10263
24 Jackson, Joe Thomas  2009Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10263
25 Jackson, Kenneth Richard  2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12690
26 Jackson, Levoy 'Cedric'  2005Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11978
27 Jackson, Naomi Ruth  2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11612
28 Jackson, Richard Allen  2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12592
29 Jackson, Richard Eric  2010Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11799
30 Jackson, Terry  2008Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I11787
31 Jackson, Thomas 'Tommy'  2006Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12554
32 Jackson, Troy Lee  2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12692
33 Jackson, Welch  15 Jun 1949Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10359
34 Justice, Byron  2012Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27033
35 McGhee, Sherry  2012Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I27030
36 Roberts, Brian  Mar 2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12784
37 Ruffner, Cecile Geneva  1963Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I21774
38 Sampsell, Caldonia 'Donie'  1955Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10346
39 Sweeten, Betty Faye  2009Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I10266
40 Unknown, Heather  2004Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee I12824


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Jackson  24 Jun 1931Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F5098
2 Jackson / Justice  16 Sep 1877Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F4190
3 Jackson / Rivers  21 Feb 1959Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F4284
4 Jackson / Sampsell  9 Jun 1900Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F4191
5 Wilson / Cross  27 Dec 1929Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F5023
6 Wilson / Jackson  2 Mar 1902Coalfield, Morgan Co., Tennessee F4231

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