Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carpenter, Ora Medeta  24 May 1906Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I27181 Robert Jackson 
2 Cunningham, Ethel  26 May 1888Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8346 Robert Jackson 
3 McMillan, Ida May  26 Aug 1869Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8338 Robert Jackson 
4 Miller, Arthur  24 Mar 1880Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4550 Robert Jackson 
5 Rogers, Richard Allen  Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I24929 Robert Jackson 
6 Simmons, William Leonard  19 Oct 1906Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I17128 Robert Jackson 
7 Springston, Jackson 'Jack' Arnold  25 Oct 1921Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I23085 Robert Jackson 
8 Thompson, Earl Brown  3 May 1906Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I26898 Robert Jackson 
9 Thompson, Gladys  Abt 1912Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4461 Robert Jackson 
10 Thompson, Gracy  Nov 1890Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4466 Robert Jackson 
11 Thompson, Guy Carlton  12 Feb 1885Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4459 Robert Jackson 
12 Thompson, Herbert  Nov 1893Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4467 Robert Jackson 
13 Thompson, Herbert Brown  3 Feb 1875Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4470 Robert Jackson 
14 Thompson, Herbert Ule  21 Jan 1904Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I27176 Robert Jackson 
15 Thompson, Ida Kathleen  28 Sep 1896Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8348 Robert Jackson 
16 Thompson, Leota  Jun 1896Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4468 Robert Jackson 
17 Thompson, Louise  12 Jan 1908Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I15877 Robert Jackson 
18 Thompson, Marian C.  22 Nov 1899Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8349 Robert Jackson 
19 Thompson, Maud M.  May 1889Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4465 Robert Jackson 
20 Thompson, Ola  Apr 1887Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4464 Robert Jackson 
21 Thompson, Ronald Eugene  23 Aug 1894Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8347 Robert Jackson 
22 Thompson, Stephen Blackmore III  3 Apr 1923Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I26771 Robert Jackson 
23 Thompson, William W.  3 Dec 1872Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4469 Robert Jackson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Lauretta Gay  1 Nov 1954Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I24882 Robert Jackson 
2 Arnold, Marietta 'Florence'  6 Jul 1938Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I13276 Robert Jackson 
3 Belt, Challants A. Wise  27 Jan 1933Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I24884 Robert Jackson 
4 Bush, William 'Earl'  14 Dec 1987Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I678 Robert Jackson 
5 Carpenter, Ora Medeta  29 Sep 1989Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I27181 Robert Jackson 
6 Chenoweth, Alice Clair  25 Dec 1953Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4941 Robert Jackson 
7 Chenoweth, Charles Fenton  9 Nov 2003Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I5073 Robert Jackson 
8 Chenoweth, Jemima Bellington  29 Aug 1929Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4929 Robert Jackson 
9 Corder, Joseph A.  12 May 1932Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4934 Robert Jackson 
10 Duffield, Ettie 'Etta'  16 Jan 1963Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4768 Robert Jackson 
11 Hanger, Emma Ruth  29 Mar 1927Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I5072 Robert Jackson 
12 Jackson, Charlotte E. "Lottie"  28 Mar 1989Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I749 Robert Jackson 
13 Knotts, Eucle  5 Aug 2011Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4861 Robert Jackson 
14 Knotts, Louise  24 Nov 1933Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4666 Robert Jackson 
15 Lynch, Matilda 'Tip' J.  21 Jul 1951Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I698 Robert Jackson 
16 Reaser, John Edgar  17 Oct 1962Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I22426 Robert Jackson 
17 Riddle, George Richard 'Dick'  8 Jul 1947Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4948 Robert Jackson 
18 Short, James Preston  5 Sep 1930Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4717 Robert Jackson 
19 Springston, Charles Daniel  28 Oct 1946Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4953 Robert Jackson 
20 Starcher, Clay  13 Nov 1958Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I22907 Robert Jackson 
21 Starcher, Everette  17 Mar 1959Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I22908 Robert Jackson 
22 Starcher, Macel  21 Apr 1984Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I5074 Robert Jackson 
23 Thompson, Anna Belle  17 Aug 1890Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I252 Robert Jackson 
24 Thompson, Druett Simpson  20 Nov 1934Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4457 Robert Jackson 
25 Thompson, Guy Carlton  27 Jun 1946Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4459 Robert Jackson 
26 Thompson, Herbert Brown  3 May 1944Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4470 Robert Jackson 
27 Thompson, Irene Vance  4 Jul 1948Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4458 Robert Jackson 
28 Thompson, Dr. John Brown  4 Aug 1917Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I1823 Robert Jackson 
29 Thompson, Thomas Albert  18 Aug 1942Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4448 Robert Jackson 
30 Vance, Joseph Boone  18 Mar 1931Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4364 Robert Jackson 
31 Vance, Mary Elizabeth  13 Jan 1920Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4456 Robert Jackson 
32 Woodyard, Laura Dell  16 Oct 1953Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4472 Robert Jackson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cunningham, Ethel  26 Jun 1973Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I8346 Robert Jackson 
2 Starcher, Clay  Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I22907 Robert Jackson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bush, Roberta  2003Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I3198 Robert Jackson 
2 Bush, William E. Jr.  2003Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I3199 Robert Jackson 
3 Goodnight, Freeda Mae  2003Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I2963 Robert Jackson 
4 Jackson, Mildred Lenore  Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I675 Robert Jackson 
5 Jarvis, Etta  1977Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I5196 Robert Jackson 
6 Kingsbury, Sarah Jenette  1945Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4542 Robert Jackson 
7 Knotts, Ella  1970Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4823 Robert Jackson 
8 Thompson, Anna Belle  Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I252 Robert Jackson 
9 Thompson, Rosa Byrd 'Bird'  Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I251 Robert Jackson 
10 Thompson, Thomas Albert  1880Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia I4448 Robert Jackson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cunningham / Thompson  5 Jul 1887Spencer, Roane Co., West Virginia F217 Robert Jackson 

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