West Virginia



Matches 1 to 216 of 216

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Albert J.  Abt 1861West Virginia I24880
2 Arnold, Henrietta  25 Feb 1872West Virginia I13899
3 Arnold, Ira  7 Sep 1878West Virginia I13902
4 Arnold, James Byrd  Jun 1889West Virginia I13906
5 Arnold, Lewis  Abt 1854West Virginia I24883
6 Arnold, Loretha  Abt 1906West Virginia I24877
7 Arnold, M. Sheridan  Abt 1867West Virginia I24886
8 Arnold, Maranda W.  Dec 1872West Virginia I22455
9 Arnold, Mary  Mar 1880West Virginia I22457
10 Arnold, Mary E.  Abt 1869West Virginia I24887
11 Arnold, Mary May Molly  2 Mar 1876West Virginia I13901
12 Arnold, Oliver N.  Abt 1861West Virginia I24885
13 Arnold, Viola Alice  Oct 1875West Virginia I22456
14 Arnold, Waymond  Abt 1904West Virginia I24876
15 Arnold, William A.  28 Apr 1874West Virginia I13900
16 Atkins, Charles M.  Aug 1890West Virginia I3704
17 Bailey, Euphema 'Phemie'  28 Jun 1881West Virginia I1906
18 Baker, Everett Clinton  28 May 1887West Virginia I22369
19 Bassel, Clifton Roswell  25 Jul 1879West Virginia I531
20 Bassel, Henry W. Jr.  28 Sep 1868West Virginia I496
21 Bassel, James Montgomery  29 Jun 1872West Virginia I529
22 Bennett, Harry W.  Abt 1903West Virginia I3677
23 Bennett, Katie  May 1900West Virginia I26550
24 Bennett, Mary Anna  19 Oct 1890West Virginia I26650
25 Bennett, Pauline Beatrice  Abt 1908West Virginia I3678
26 Blake, Jessie  Mar 1882West Virginia I5452
27 Blake, Oma  May 1880West Virginia I5451
28 Blake, Vera  Sep 1890West Virginia I5453
29 Booth, Dorman C.  7 Jul 1894West Virginia I18487
30 Booth, William Huston  21 Jun 1871West Virginia I24978
31 Brown, John Albert  21 Jun 1872West Virginia I26844
32 Brown, Marinda E.  7 Jul 1843West Virginia I20313
33 Bryan, Harry Jackson Sr.  7 Nov 1890West Virginia I1899
34 Bryan, Mary Gillogly  10 Oct 1897West Virginia I1901
35 Campbell, Everett  Abt 1906West Virginia I664
36 Campbell, Nellie V.  7 Jul 1885West Virginia I9604
37 Carper, David Bassel  Oct 1883West Virginia I26886
38 Carper, Henry Bassel  22 Apr 1900West Virginia I16927
39 Chenoweth, Florence C.  30 Sep 1882West Virginia I22465
40 Coffman, Julia Gray  8 Nov 1916West Virginia I17135
41 Cole, Eva  Abt 1900West Virginia I5192
42 Collins, Susie Pearl  Jan 1902West Virginia I18093
43 Colvin, James Frank  Apr 1882West Virginia I3698
44 Coontz, Jasper  1 Oct 1869West Virginia I18513
45 Coontz, Laverna 'Verna'  7 May 1861West Virginia I18160
46 Cornell, Lucinda Elizabeth  4 Oct 1845West Virginia I21197
47 Cosgray, Edna Violet  Abt 1901West Virginia I671
48 Currence, Dr. Lilburn Philip Sr.  18 Jun 1873West Virginia I17132
49 Davis, Christine Eglentine  23 Nov 1856West Virginia I193
50 Dawson, Jemina 'Mima' C.  May 1872West Virginia I725
51 Edman, Eva Lena  3 Aug 1900West Virginia I680
52 England, Augustine  Abt 1839West Virginia I2614
53 England, George L.  Abt 1875West Virginia I26744
54 England, James M.  Abt 1866West Virginia I26740
55 England, Lewjena E.  Abt 1867West Virginia I26742
56 England, Meletus  Abt 1874West Virginia I26743
57 England, William  Abt 1865West Virginia I26741
58 Farnsworth, Maude Carper  Aug 1872West Virginia I4305
59 Ferrell, William B. S.  Dec 1853West Virginia I3285
60 Fleming, Susan E.  Sep 1849West Virginia I28030
61 Funk, Elizabeth  Abt 1901West Virginia I4767
62 Funk, Jennie  Abt 1904West Virginia I4766
63 Glasure, Estella  Abt 1891West Virginia I15732
64 Goodwin, Raymond A.  16 Nov 1889West Virginia I3782
65 Graves, Della M.  Jul 1878West Virginia I20657
66 Hall, Capt. William P.  25 Jan 1864West Virginia I425
67 Harvey, Carl E.  Abt 1911West Virginia I27459
68 Holden, Freda  17 Mar 1885West Virginia I22350
69 Hopkins, Walter 'Lee'  7 Mar 1868West Virginia I18353
70 Hughes, Emily J.  Abt 1875West Virginia I20318
71 Hughes, John H.  Abt 1867West Virginia I20655
72 Jackson, Anna L.  Dec 1870West Virginia I25522
73 Jackson, Clara E.  Oct 1892West Virginia I29148
74 Jackson, Donald  1908West Virginia I15636
75 Jackson, Ella Roberta 'Bertie'  27 Jan 1890West Virginia I1849
76 Jackson, Hattie  Abt 1872West Virginia I29124
77 Jackson, Jesse A.  Jul 1891West Virginia I29149
78 Jackson, John  Abt 1901West Virginia I28203
79 Jackson, John A.  Jun 1890West Virginia I29150
80 Jackson, Laura 'Ruth'  Sep 1891West Virginia I1850
81 Jackson, Mary 'Mollie'  Jan 1884West Virginia I4984
82 Jackson, Virginia Bell  1 Nov 1860West Virginia I25425
83 Jarvis, Celia Tallulah  7 Feb 1869West Virginia I17114
84 Kesling, Homer Allen  11 Mar 1902West Virginia I26522
85 Kesling, Jackson Steward  2 Feb 1924West Virginia I26821
86 Knotts, Iris Murlean  Abt 1923West Virginia I5193
87 Knotts, William Rufus  18 Jul 1863West Virginia I4684
88 Layman, Charles Ira  7 Aug 1872West Virginia I22361
89 Layman, James Eldon Wesley  2 Apr 1876West Virginia I22363
90 Layman, Jane C.  Feb 1886West Virginia I22368
91 Layman, Jefferson W.  2 Apr 1876West Virginia I22362
92 Layman, Lillie B.  2 Apr 1871West Virginia I22360
93 Lowther, Carl Francis  18 Nov 1888West Virginia I1879
94 Lowther, Carl Francis  8 Sep 1914West Virginia I1887
95 Lynch, Absolam  Abt 1874West Virginia I22921
96 Lynch, Almira Emeline  16 Oct 1860West Virginia I16524
97 Lynch, Louiza F.  Abt 1879West Virginia I22923
98 Malloy, Mamie C.  Abt 1901West Virginia I18189
99 McConnell, Mattie M.  Oct 1866West Virginia I3883
100 McDaniels, Clara May  4 Mar 1891West Virginia I26718
101 MNU, Alma  Abt 1904West Virginia I29592
102 MNU, Ruby  Abt 1901West Virginia I29778
103 Neptune, George Wilbur  31 Jan 1882West Virginia I5571
104 Parks, Martha Bell  13 Jun 1874West Virginia I4416
105 Peterson, Larry Allen  14 Feb 1944West Virginia I18530
106 Pickens, Albert Sterling  9 Apr 1867West Virginia I17131
107 Pickens, Mary Louise  3 Feb 1892West Virginia I26987
108 Reaser, Benjamin Frank  14 Jun 1882West Virginia I22864
109 Reaser, Clarence Columbus  24 Nov 1880West Virginia I22863
110 Reaser, Jessie  Abt 1906West Virginia I27360
111 Reaser, Nettie  Abt 1908West Virginia I27361
112 Reaser, Pearl  Abt 1910West Virginia I27362
113 Rice, Albert Elihu  Feb 1884West Virginia I4621
114 Rice, Granville James  Jul 1890West Virginia I4623
115 Rice, Jane  Jul 1887West Virginia I4622
116 Riddell, Lenore  1888West Virginia I16533
117 Riddle, Charles Tyson  4 Apr 1895West Virginia I27413
118 Sellers, James  1886West Virginia I5041
119 Shaw, John Russell  8 Dec 1906West Virginia I5184
120 Sheets, Lena M.  Jun 1863West Virginia I22353
121 Sheets, Lew M.  Jun 1876West Virginia I22356
122 Sheets, Nettle I.  Aug 1879West Virginia I22355
123 Sheets, Virginia Elizabeth  Feb 1855West Virginia I22944
124 Sherman, Charles C.  Abt 1867West Virginia I26627
125 Sherman, Enos Howard  10 Feb 1876West Virginia I26633
126 Sherman, Walter W.  19 Jul 1879West Virginia I26636
127 Shrader, Mabel  1890West Virginia I24274
128 Sinnett, Mabel Ivy  Abt 1893West Virginia I26772
129 Skidmore, Daniel Cassius  28 Nov 1855West Virginia I18211
130 Smith, Abraham Carper  4 Nov 1908West Virginia I26888
131 Smith, Addison Austin  17 Feb 1842West Virginia I26842
132 Smith, Austin  Abt 1874West Virginia I26850
133 Smith, Ethel P.  Abt 1885West Virginia I18549
134 Smith, Fred F.  Abt 1869West Virginia I26848
135 Smith, George W.  Abt 1868West Virginia I26847
136 Smith, John Burl  10 Feb 1883West Virginia I3734
137 Smith, Marvin E.  Abt 1877West Virginia I26851
138 Smith, Myrtle  Feb 1881West Virginia I3733
139 Smith, Russell  Dec 1890West Virginia I3736
140 Smith, Susannah K.  11 Nov 1873West Virginia I26843
141 Smith, Thomas Edward  Oct 1886West Virginia I3735
142 Smith, Ufa W.  Abt 1876West Virginia I26849
143 Smith, V. Ann  Abt 1880West Virginia I26852
144 Snyder, Florence E.  3 Oct 1873West Virginia I22442
145 Snyder, Robert Roy  28 Jul 1891West Virginia I22438
146 Springston, Charles Daniel 'Dan' III  5 Jul 1925West Virginia I27409
147 Springston, Edith Carolyn  25 Jul 1920West Virginia I27408
148 Springston, Mary E. Brown  Oct 1867West Virginia I4873
149 Springston, Mary Elizabeth  1 Nov 1912West Virginia I27406
150 Squires, Minnie E.  9 May 1865West Virginia I510
151 Stalnaker, Arch C.  26 Aug 1889West Virginia I26600
152 Stalnaker, Guy  27 Dec 1887West Virginia I22460
153 Stalnaker, Jana  31 Oct 1879West Virginia I22459
154 Stalnaker, Ruffner  27 Sep 1894West Virginia I22461
155 Stalnaker, William  11 Dec 1877West Virginia I22463
156 Starcher, Charles C.  May 1875West Virginia I22906
157 Starcher, Clay  19 Aug 1877West Virginia I22907
158 Starcher, Everette  3 Nov 1879West Virginia I22908
159 Starcher, Florence Julia  May 1886West Virginia I22911
160 Starcher, George  Abt 1870West Virginia I22904
161 Starcher, Guy T.  Sep 1883West Virginia I22910
162 Starcher, Macel  23 Sep 1930West Virginia I5074
163 Stewart, Edna Pauline  25 Jun 1896West Virginia I26806
164 Stout, Charles Osborn  22 Mar 1922West Virginia I26980
165 Stout, Freda Neauola  16 Feb 1886West Virginia I22242
166 Stout, Haymond H.  11 Mar 1905West Virginia I26912
167 Stout, Helen  Abt 1911West Virginia I22994
168 Stout, James M.  Abt 1864West Virginia I26764
169 Stout, Marsalene M.  29 Jun 1851West Virginia I13268
170 Stout, Merta R.  15 Dec 1884West Virginia I22947
171 Stout, Richard B.  Abt 1910West Virginia I26914
172 Stout, Roy Lee  24 Dec 1882West Virginia I22347
173 Stout, William Alfonso  1915West Virginia I22969
174 Strader, Rachel Jane  Mar 1868West Virginia I4399
175 Stump, Bennie  Aug 1885West Virginia I26734
176 Stump, Dennis  May 1883West Virginia I26732
177 Stump, Homer  Jul 1887West Virginia I26735
178 Stump, Irwin C.  24 Sep 1870West Virginia I26728
179 Stump, Kitty  Mar 1881West Virginia I26733
180 Stump, Luella 'Lulu' May  May 1874West Virginia I26729
181 Stump, Rudolph  Abt 1875West Virginia I26730
182 Stutler, Anderson  Jan 1876West Virginia I20459
183 Sweeney, Effie Gertrude  Abt 1880West Virginia I4515
184 Thompson, Frances Elizabeth  28 Dec 1913West Virginia I22252
185 Thompson, Ronald Eurgene Jr  Abt 1925West Virginia I26779
186 Tyson, William Otto  8 Jul 1881West Virginia I16917
187 Unknown, Ruth  9 Jul 1908West Virginia I18558
188 Vance, Harry T.  Sep 1886West Virginia I4450
189 Vance, Mary M.  Nov 1891West Virginia I4452
190 Vance, Ora B.  May 1889West Virginia I4451
191 Vance, Zelma  Sep 1894West Virginia I4453
192 Warner, Ida Columbia  Aug 1868West Virginia I18512
193 Watson, Isaac  19 Jul 1902West Virginia I3741
194 Watson, Sallie Blanche  17 Nov 1880West Virginia I342
195 Watson, Stephen A.  24 Aug 1898West Virginia I3727
196 Watson, William Henry  9 Aug 1900West Virginia I3739
197 Wees, Marguerite D.  Abt 1903West Virginia I9890
198 Whytsell, Jemima  Abt 1875West Virginia I26725
199 Whytsell, Kosinkso  Abt 1872West Virginia I26723
200 Whytsell, Leony  Abt 1872West Virginia I26724
201 Whytsell, Pulasky  Abt 1870West Virginia I26722
202 Whytsell, Simon  Abt 1877West Virginia I26726
203 Wilcox, Audra May  Abt 1887West Virginia I26916
204 Williams, Lester Louise  5 Jun 1922West Virginia I1842
205 Wiseman, Bessie V.  25 Jul 1901West Virginia I27456
206 Wiseman, Georgie M.  Sep 1898West Virginia I27455
207 Wiseman, Rulina I.  Abt 1905West Virginia I27457
208 Wolfe, Luther C.  Apr 1875West Virginia I26622
209 Wymer, Blanche  Abt 1892West Virginia I3726
210 Wymer, Mary Jane  22 May 1918West Virginia I1839
211 Yates, Daniel C.  Abt 1882West Virginia I173
212 Yokum, Dorothy Viola  6 Apr 1919West Virginia I18396
213 Zirkle, Daisy M.  Abt 1908West Virginia I18199
214 Zirkle, Hazel V.  Abt 1904West Virginia I18198
215 Zirkle, Ivy May  Abt 1899West Virginia I18196
216 Zirkle, Vesta Pearl  Aug 1891West Virginia I24389


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Euphema 'Phemie'  18 Aug 1881West Virginia I1906
2 Bassel, Henry W. Jr  28 Jan 1992West Virginia I26807
3 Booth, Huston James  23 Feb 1908West Virginia I4297
4 Campbell, Ruth Vesta Noreen  30 Oct 1942West Virginia I18208
5 Osborn, Frances Amy  Jun 1986West Virginia I26213
6 Stewart, Edna Pauline  24 Mar 1982West Virginia I26806
7 Wagoner, Maurice  Feb 1980West Virginia I27343
8 Ward, Creed Collins Sr.  Aug 1963West Virginia I18539
9 Ward, Isaac Smith Sr.  Feb 1963West Virginia I18551


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atkins / Life  Abt 1889West Virginia F211
2 Carper / Unknown  Abt 1925West Virginia F6555
3 Skidmore / Zirkle  Abt 1915West Virginia F6946

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